We are a grassroots
coalition. Our mission
is to improve the
economic well-being
of mothers and other
family caregivers.

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MOTHERS puts forward a national agenda recognizing, valuing and affirming the work of mothers and other caregivers. Current laws make it very difficult for mothers to achieve economic security, to financially support their families, or to advance in the workplace while meeting their caregiving responsibilities. These problems affect mothers in all families -- families of every size, type and economic level. Indeed, motherhood has become the single biggest risk factor for poverty in America.

America loves its moms and its kids. So why shouldn't American mothers and children have the same economic support that moms and kids do in Britain, Canada, France, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia? The answer is -- THEY SHOULD! That's why we have drawn up the MOTHERS Economic Empowerment Agenda which includes the basic family friendly policies that American caregivers need and deserve.

American moms need to know that the United States stands almost alone in its failure to provide these fundamental rights in support of the work of raising children. Our goal is to educate mothers and other caregivers about the injustice in the way our society and our government deals with these most vulnerable and under-represented members of our nation's workforce. Join MOTHERS to make your voice heard!

Below is the MOTHERS Economic Empowerment Agenda. Tell us what your HOT BUTTON issues are. Vote for the issues that matter most to you in the list below.


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