We are a grassroots
coalition. Our mission
is to improve the
economic well-being
of mothers and other
family caregivers.

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Vision and Mission

Did it ever occur to you that hundreds of thousands of caregivers - primarily women - could be left in old age with meager savings, no pensions and little social security.

Years ago, there was no one speaking out about the economic rights and needs of mothers and other caregivers.

No one raising the consciousness of those doing the work of caregiving.

No one saying -- out loud – that people engaged in work outside the “full time, paid worker” model are of great value to our country and are entitled to economic well-being and security.

Now we do have someone speaking out for caregivers. We have MOTHERS.


Our mission is to improve the economic well being of mothers and other family caregivers. MOTHERS is a netroots community of mothers and other family caregivers who look after children or other dependent family members. We promote social change to enhance the economic security of those who do carework, both exclusively or in conjunction with paid employment.

Women have made great progress but much remains to be done. While many barriers to employment and “non-traditional” feminine activity have fallen, carework remains unpaid or grossly underpaid, not respected, and unacknowledged in public policy and the infrastructure of our society. Those who look after the welfare of their family ought not to thereby become poor, marginalized, unemployed or under-employed, and dependent themselves. This is the unfinished work of the women’s movement.

Caring for others is unaccounted for in measures of economic productivity. Its necessity is largely ignored in private sector employment and social policy. Caregivers fall outside programs such as Social Security, unemployment insurance, employer-sponsored pension and health insurance benefits. It is no coincidence that motherhood is the single greatest risk factor for poverty in old age in the United States. In spite of our status as the only remaining super power with the largest national economy, we have the highest rate of maternal and child poverty in the world. Millions of mothers remain economic dependents, despite the fact they produce the most important source of national wealth - our future citizens, taxpayers, and labor force.

MOTHERS (Mothers Ought To Have Equal Rights) is committed to improving the economic status of caregivers. Mothers make the single most essential contribution to the economy and to society. MOTHERS was launched in 2002 by a group of mothers, writers, and women's advocates around the country. The founders include Ann Crittenden, author of The Price of Motherhood; and the National Association of Mothers' Centers (NAMC), a non-profit, non-partisan organization with thousands of members and over 40 mothers' support centers throughout the U.S. Our steering committee includes representatives of numerous grassroots women's organizations, experienced policy analysts, and ordinary mothers who have never been politically active before.

This website will facilitate netroots mobilization for those who care for family members. It is a clearinghouse for supporters to learn, to be inspired, and to actively participate in the growing national mothers’ movement. It also will enable supporters to quickly contact their state and national legislators on key issues.

We must insist on policies that reflect our current reality: mothers and fathers must care for their families as well as, and often at the same time as, they must earn a living. Bearing, adopting, or raising a child must not make the caregiver economically vulnerable, and lead inevitably to poverty in later life. Our society must reflect, at every level, the value of caring for others, without which it could not function.

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