We are a grassroots
coalition. Our mission
is to improve the
economic well-being
of mothers and other
family caregivers.

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MOTHERS is an initiative of the NAMC that specifically addresses the economic impact of being a caregiver. By joining the NAMC you are supporting MOTHERS work. Annual Membership to the NAMC is $35. Join the NAMC and you'll receive the following benefits for one year:
  • A monthly eNews blast
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Discounts on conferences and other NAMC/MOTHERS events
  • Opportunities to add your voice to key discussions about public policy
  • Online seminars and discussion groups with other members and national advocates and experts
  • Access to a members-only section of resources on our website (coming soon)
  • Leadership and facilitator training should you want to start or become part of a Mothers' Center program in your neighborhood

Any amount above $35 will go directly toward our work to support and grow our network and step up our advocacy efforts on behalf of mothers and their families. Please consider upgrading your membership to one of the following levels:

$50 Value-added Membership:
Will promote legislation increasing the financial security of mothers and other caregivers
$100 Supporting Membership:
Will support coalition work with like-minded non-profits for pro-maternal employment policies
$250 Nurturing Membership:
Will educate Members of Congress and their staff as to the economic impact of carework on the caregiver
$500 Sustaining Membership:
Will empower women to exercise their influence as citizens and mothers by participating more fully in the political process

You can also support our work in other ways:
Thank you for your support!
We look forward to hearing from you.


Linda Lisi Juergens
Executive Director

Mothers Centers