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DC Dispatch April 18, 2011: Equal Pay Day

Women's advocates rally every April 12 to point out the fact that the typical woman working full-time, full year, must put in nearly 3 and 1/2 more months at work to make as much as the average man in a single year.  This year, a whole lotta shakin' was going on for Equal Pay Day, starting with the flash mob in front of the Lincoln Memorial. You will NOT want to miss this video!   

A whole lotta ink (or pixels) were spilled too.  Here is an Equal Pay Day column co-authored by MOTHERS founder Ann Crittenden about the unfairness faced by  many part-time workers (most of whom are women, most of whom are mothers, which is why they are working part-time).   

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wrote this piece on the fair pay for the Huffington Post.  A favorite economist, Heather Boushey, posted this blog about the gender pay gap, the Wal-Mart case before the US Supreme Court, and how the Paycheck Fairness Act could diminish unequal pay, all related to Equal Pay Day.  

The American Association of University Women makes the case that pay disparity is the result of gender discrimination, not that old excuse that "mothers choose lower income jobs so they can spend more time with their children" in a report just released in honor of the occasion.  
Finally, The Atlantic crunched the numbers and found the top 10 industries where the gap between men's and women's earnings is widest in this quick, interactive web page.  Would you guess health care, retail and wholesale trade, and finance?
From the think tank Institute for Women's Policy Research, some handy data on what men and women earn in relation to their representation in specific occupations.  Take a look and see where you fall. 

Are women still broadly discriminated against at work?  Or are there other reasons to explain the persistent failure of women's wages to catch up?  Let me know what you think at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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