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April 11, 2013

DC Dispatch: Gun Control Hits The Floor
Surviving an attempt to avoid Senate debate of gun control before it had even started, advocates will now get a chance to put the issue on the floor and sparks will fly.  The NRA and other gun rights supporters have been tremendously effective in fighting back against demands to restrict access to certain high powered guns and high capacity ammunition following the horrific Sandy Hook massacre.  Sixteen Republicans in the Senate wanted to filibuster, which would have prevented any legislative response on gun control, and shielded all members from declaring which side they supported.  If bills come to a vote, there will be no cover to hide behind now.

Mothers have flocked to this issue in huge numbers and established a presence on the Hill, via a grassroots and social media presence called 
Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.  With thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook, they have lobbied congressional offices, held in person and virtual events to consolidate support and bring pressure on policy makers.  Best of luck to them - will they be a match for the formidable pro-gun influence and money in Washington?  Your life, and those of your children, may just depend on it.  Go, moms!
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